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Acceleration-2 at Brutkasten KMU Roadshow

We proudly participated at the “KMU meet Startups @ Corporates” Roadshow organized by Brutkasten on Oct 3rd in “Das Fritz” in Weiden, Burgenland. Peter Nussbaumer was invited to the panel discussion on how digitalization can bring success and learnings to any company. Peter combined here two sides of the vision, one as the former CEO of I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG and on from the other as co-founder of Acceleration-2 GmbH, which is an early incubator service bringing ideas and startups to market. Even more important Karl and Peter identified two great personalities with promising business ideas where follow-ups will happen in the next few days to elaborate the possibility for cooperation. These discussion will take place at Easy Desk, our incubator and hosting center in Mattersburg. We’ll keep you updated on any outcomes!


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