Our achievements

So why us? Why not going to one of the large investment bankers with billions of proven transactions?

The answer is simple. Because it is not yet the right time for the big boys. You first need to show something essential before you can reach out to those. And this is where we come into play. We help you to reach that level, we help you to prove and become recognized. Why we tell you that? Because we have done it, we have done it several times. We may not disclose the one or the other detail due to confidentially agreements, but here we go:

I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG

Industry: IT (Telecom OSS & BSS Software Solution)

Co-founded in 2004, built it up to offices in 11 countries with a headcount of 220 globally. Reached market leadership in Latin America, first Digital Telecom Services in Bangladesh and New Zealand, hosted >6 MN Mobile Subscribers in 2019. Partial exit in 2013, full exit in 2019. Winner of more than a handful prices from various institutes, i.e. The MVNO Association.

MMS GmbH (Media Markt Saturn Mobile)

Industry: Telecom Service Provider

Co-founded in 2015, Exclusive Cooperation with Europe's largest electronics retailer chain, fast growing service provider in Austria with "innovation first" time in market (i.e. family plan, own tariff builders, most innovative self care app, etc.). Exit in 2018 to an Austrian Telecom Incumbent

Tortuga's World

Industry: Tourist Services (Costa Rica)

Founded 1997. Built up a small resort on the Pacific Side, incl. Boat Tours, Cabin renting, Bicycle Tours, Jungle Cinema. First long distance VoIP Service in Latin America. Sold end of 1999 to French Canadian Company


Industry: IT

Founded in 1995 it became quickly the leader in GIS Solutions (Geographical Information Systems). Projects include the U4 Vienna, CAT Airport Railway and many others. It became later the standard for Vienna's public services.


We have always been innovative and is has been a major reason for the steep successes we had. Some are:

Manager of the Year (2017)

Certainly one of my highlights so far. Becoming awarded for such a title made me proud and a bit more secure about my style of working :-)

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Yeah, the right guy is me :-)