Our offering - General Information

We are well aware of what it means to start a new business at zero. You may have gathered lots of information here and there, may have successfully completed studies at the best universities, etc. Still, there is no guarantee that your business will fly. We can’t do so either, no one can. But we offer to commit to the new baby, to support in all your steps ahead, to sweat with you, to suffer with you and to party with you. We are partners who don’t turn back once we engage and a handshake has the same meaning as a contract. Doesn’t mean we won’t sign any ;-) 

However, we have done this several times, we know which mistakes we have to do at which time and we will guide you to make better mistakes tomorrow. Mistakes are necessary when you want to grow your business from zero… the best processes designed by the best corporate advisory may not be applicable at the early times. They simply would kill the business before you have your product out on market. They are certainly the target and best practices will be applied sooner or later - at the beginning you may have to be flexible and creative – thus doing mistakes on purpose but having in mind to correct them once necessary. 

So what we offer 

JV or VC participation including:

  • Capital investment (Seed funding, loans, guarantees, no cash out!)
  • Government aid support organisation
  • Administration, Finance & Legal Services
  • Austrian's most modern and innovative workspace and office center: Easy Desk 
  • Active Collaboration for no salary, coaching, guidance
  • Supervisory Board Membership
  • Process-, Product- and Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing Setup and Service through
  • Usage of our international network of partners and clients
  • Company sales support (Teaser creation, Info Memo creation, Due Diligence support, Legal and Closing Support)
  • At the end: a bottle of champagne kicking off a great party

Consulting & Senior Advisory Services by THE Telecom experts

  • Due Diligence
  • Future company strategy for CSPs
  • Turnarounds & increase of profitability
  • Product Management
  • B-Brand set-up for CSPs, MNOs, MVNOs
  • Technical Architecture for digital telco services
  • Wholesales contract and terms negotiations with MNOs
  • Modernization and Digitalization for future fit telcos