Start with - grow with: "All inclusive Mentoring Package"

Especially in the beginning you may want to focus on the business idea only. Taking care of book holding, tax, maybe a welcome desk but also just finding a work space is a hassle - no question. But also when an idea becomes more tangible and already a team of people are working on it, running the company including all the overhead is an effort you can't neglect. It as well has to be done right from day one. Not just as it is an obligation to do a timely tax declaration and you need to have a workbench, it is even more essential when you business becomes THE SUCCESS you have been aiming for. If the eco-system you are growing in is not scale-able, the value of your company will suffer significantly. No excuse, nor forgiving - as a proper business owner you are responsible for 360° of your business. Not more, surely not less.

Enabling you to fully focus on your invention we decided to offer a "We care - You dare " package, where we are not just taking all the nasty stuff like book holding, tax declaration, welcoming your business partners or clients, helping on legal matters, running your IT infrastructure, providing you space to work in our "Easy desc" facility, but we also will be dedicating our time to you. We will coach, mentor, listen, advise and provide you access to our international business network in order to make your business a success. All this is included in the various package variants as per below at no extra costs. Surely we also like to get our tiny share of the cake if it comes to the best. But this later and we will work on our own risk, betting your idea together with our support will be fruitful in the near future.

We'b be happy to have you aboard by selecting one of the packages below. Certainly more tailor made options are available upon request.

Packages and costs